Session Information

  • July 8, 2015

Professional photography portraiture is a wonderful gift to yourself and those you love for generations to come. A professional business portrait photograph, high impact and uniquely you is an important addition to your marketing plan.

Professional photography that captures life’s important moments – maternity, children, babies, family and all the rest is an important investment.

At Greyrabbit photography, all your photographic needs will be catered to, be it Commercial photography, Interior-exterior photography, Product photography, Catalogue photography, Food photography, Industrial photography & many more. For more details, visit our webpage

Step 1: The Consultation
Call or email us.
This is when we’ll chat about you and what you want from your portrait experience. We’ll tailor it to your family’s need and plan the perfect session for you. After complete discussion and fixing the shoot, you will receive an email with an application form, which is required to be filled in by you and email it back to Greyrabbit Photography ” ”

Step 2: The Session
On the day of the shoot, our team comes to the decided location and time and set up the studio for you. We’ll have fun, and take some great photographs along the way.

Step 3: The Viewing Process
Depending upon the availability of time, the photos can be viewed immediately after the shoot or at a later date decided mutually. After you have seen all the photos, you can decide which photos you need in which finish & size

Step 4: The Final Product
After you have selected your photos, we deliver it to you within 3-4 weeks. If needed earlier you can request for urgent delivery @ an additional cost

Tips for the day of Shoot
1. Clothing is not important
2. Look natural, make-up is not required
3. All ladies please wash your hair 1 day prior to the shoot & not on the day of the shoot
4. Be casual and your natural self
5. Make sure everyone who is shooting is present 10 minutes before beginning of the shoot
6. Allow the photographer to make a decision on the number of photos to be clicked and poses
7. Please do not use your personal cameras or cellphone cameras during the shoot as it hampers the quality of the shoot and also eats into your shoot time

“If you like what we do and have even availed our services, be sure to spread the love! Gift a photo shoot to the person you love, your family or even to your business associates! They are bound to be kicked and definitely pleased with the finished product”